Nocturne: The Last of the Light
David Morris


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'These are the Sabbiston brothers, they had a small sheep farm near Bourton-on-the-water in the Cotswolds. Peter, the one bending over the wool would have made a fine study for St John the Baptist, but he was shy of the camera. Both brothers owned old landrovers and three sheep dogs each. Peter was a quiet man, all three of his dogs sat in a line looking straight ahead out of he cab window, turning their heads together only when Peter did, to acknowledge someone on the road. Ian, who had done many things in his life but was outgoing and friendly; his dogs boiled round the cab of the landrover trying to look in every direction at once. Sheep farming was a hand to mouth existence at the best of times. But the brothers could no longer make the farm pay. This was their last season. This was the last of it.'

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David Morris