Trevor Price is an award-winning artist specialising in finely detailed drypoint and engraved relief prints, and large scale woodcuts. Woodblocks and polycarbonate sheets are carved, scratched and engraved using chisels, blades and power tools. The surfaces are then rolled with ink and printed onto paper through a large etching press.

Trevor Price portrait
Trevor Price image
Trevor Price image


Elected Member of The Royal Society of Painter/Printmakers (RE) 1994

Made a Fellow of The Royal Society of Painter/Printmakers (RE) 1997

Elected Vice-President of the Royal Society of Painter/Printmakers (RE) 2013


2021 Society of Wood Engravers. International Original Print Exhibition

2017 Printmaking Today, RE Annual Exhibition

2017 Clifford Chance.RE Annual Exhibition

2016 University of Wales Purchase Award. RE Annual Exhibition

2014 Wyndham. RE Annual Exhibition

2011 Printmaker of the Year. Printfest

2002 Julian Trevelyan Award. National Original Print Exhibition

1997 Printmaking Today. National Original Print Exhibition

1997 Zenith. National Original Print Exhibition


Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Yinchuan Museum, China

Yale University, USA

Bank of England

National Gallery, Beijing, China

Office of Public Works, Dublin

University of Wales

Guangdong Museum of Art, China


China National Academy of Painting, 2020. One Belt One Road International Exhibition Project


At the beginning of 2021, Trevor shared with us some insight into how he works, what this last year has been like, and his life outside of art..

Trevor Price: Artist Spotlight