Susi Hines works with diamonds, gemstones, gold and silver. Her new work explores the surface through a range of experimental etching and other surface techniques using contrasting patination.

Susi Hines image

Her jewellery works on various levels of intimacy and spatial relationship from the wearer to the observer so that there can be a different level of engagement at a more intimate level eg hidden items or surprise elements. Movement eg rotation through complex assembly is a key element in many pieces. Her Mutabilis Collection comprise opening rings which allow centre ring to be changed or worn separately.


Mordicum: These are striking designs which are all heavily etched and often incorporate white, champagne, cognac and black diamonds which provide a strong contrast with the surface of the silver or gold.

Mutablis: Unique rings which open into 2 parts allowing a moving centre band to be worn separately or to exchange for a different centre band with gemstone and can be worn as single separate pieces. The wearer is spoilt for choice! These rings and have been awarded a design number at the Intellectual Property Office.

Orbis: This beautiful collection in 18ct gold and silver is based around spheres and incorporates diamonds, some of the pieces rotate.

Selected Exhibitions

Bircham Gallery, Holt, Norfolk

Diana Porter Contemporary Jewellery, Bristol

Tomfoolery, London

Walter Castellazzo Design, London

Primavera, Cambridge

Recent Awards

2005 Goldsmiths' Craft and Design Awards, fine jewellery