Sarah Grove makes incredible porcelain vessels reminiscent of sumptuous upholstery and richly textured fabrics which, even when old and sagging, suggest comfort and luxury. Her extravagant yet functional range includes jugs, vases, lamp bases and bowls.

Sarah Grove image

Sarah presses slabs of porcelain into plaster casts of textiles, and then hand builds her pieces. The manipulated porcelain mimics the textural qualities of deeply stuffed upholstered padding, buttoned silk, waffle and even mock ostrich. The constructed pieces are clean, simple and white with mother-of-pearl lustre used to highlight the details inspired by upholstery tacks, buttons and braiding.

Sarah explores the contrast between visual and tactile qualities; the appearance of soft pillow-like forms with the cold unyielding body of the porcelain. The whiteness and translucency of the clay and the use of transparent glazes enhances this contrast. The imprints of her fingers are left on the interiors of the pots to affirm the presence of the maker in each piece.

Each year Sarah attends a variety of craft fairs and her work is sold in galleries and shops across the country.