Phil Vickery is an international award-winning British glass artist based in the North East of England who creates spectacular glass sculptural work.

Phil Vickery image

Phil has perfected a technique where an internal membrane of glass is twisted along the length of the piece in a fluid manner. The technique creates an effect in the structure that is reminiscent of a double helix; the very building block of life itself.  From this he develops sculptures to represent nature, life, energy, and movement.  The colours and forms in his work represent various emotional states of mind, or the subconscious.

"As an artist, I find glass one of the greatest challenges; one has to understand not only about art theory and contemporary context but also the nature of this fluid material."

In 2009 Phil won the Renwick Award for Distinction in Glass in Washington DC, and in 2011 was chosen for one of five Honorary Diplomas of the Jutta Cuny - Franz Foundation, Germany.


Bircham Gallery, Norfolk

Affordable Art Fair, London

Hooks-Epstein Galleries, Houston, Texas

SOFA, New York, USA, 2009

British consulate, Dubai, UAE

Festival of Glass British Glass Biennale,

Stourbridge, UK, 2012, 2006, 2004.

Peter Layton London Glass Blowing Gallery