'As a child I was fascinated by the ancient artifacts in our local museum and continue to find the craft of past cultures colours my style and influences the development of my work.

Pam Schomberg image

I also spent time with my late father while he worked as a bespoke tailor (as did many generations before him) and this has led me to a sympathy with texture and pattern and a textile like way of building in clay.

I have worked as a potter since leaving art school in 1985 at the age of 38.

There have been obstacles, like running a successful Crafts Council approved Gallery above my studio for 15 years, but I have always obstinately carried on making and in 2006 closed the gallery to concentrate on my work.

Each piece is individually hand built in porcelain, stoneware, or a combination of both. I make marks and impress pattern into rolled out slabs of clay, with made or found tools, the pot is then built with sections from these slabs and fired. Colour is included at all stages, with the use of oxides, slips, glazes (dolomite or barium) and precious on-glaze luster's. Many are fired 3, 4 or sometimes 5 times.

Over the past 30 years my work has been included in many exhibitions throughout GB and abroad; a collection bought by Liberty's, London: exhibitions in Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh: Cecelia Coleman Gallery, St. Johns Wood: The Crypt-St Paul's, the Barbican and shown in France, Germany and the USA, with a large collection of 'coffee and tea sets' ordered for Saudi Arabia.'