I describe my work as an exploration into harmony of form and colour; I throw vessels on the wheel, using white earthenware clay. My work is both decorative and functional, and partly inspired by the still-life paintings of Giorgio Morandi; I strive for the simplicity and calm conveyed by his pictures of groups of bottles and other vessels. I want my pots to have a similar sense of being in family groups, related but non-identical.

Lucy Burley portrait
Lucy Burley image

My vessels work either as a single piece, or as a collection of forms that create sculptural groups that give pleasure to the eye. I enjoy liaising with galleries to make collections which sit harmoniously with paintings, and I am always looking at the work of painters of landscape and interiors both historical and contemporary: favourite painters are Bonnard, Vuillard, Vallotton, Gertler, Franz Marc, John Nash, Simon Palmer, Andy Waite - among many many others, and my favourite potter is Lucie Rie (I admire the work of too many contemporary potters to list!).

I aim to create simple forms with smooth surfaces; during my degree course at Camberwell I formulated a semi-matt earthenware glaze, and I use this as a base to which I add oxides and stains to obtain a wide spectrum of colours both subtle and vivid, the inspiration for which comes from nature: flowers, fruit, the landscape. As

Morandi said, "What interests me most is expressing what is in nature, in the visible world".

I'm a member of London Potters, Crafts Council and Find a Maker directories. Publications: My work has featured in Ceramic Review, Ideal Home Magazine, Good Homes, House Beautiful, Huffington Post, YOU Magazine, Coast, The Independent on Sunday, Country Homes and Interiors and The Daily Mail.