Alison Evans has an international reputation for her distinctive contemporary jewellery based on the ancient techniques of chainmail. Her work explores the contrast between the natural environment and the manmade and industrial world.

Alison Evans portrait
Alison Evans image

All the individual links are made by hand using 18 carat gold, silver, and titanium, sometimes combining two or more metals to produce patterns, or using precious and semi-precious stones to add layers of colour and texture.  The links act as a canvas which is shaped into flowing forms, unifying the different elements to create intricate and technical designs across the surface of the chainmail.

"I am motivated by the transformation of a hard material, metal, into a tactile and fluid form, creating jewellery which is strong yet a pleasure to wear."

Her pieces are technical and delicate, inspired by processes and materials found in history, industry, and nature. Echoing the movements of metals in their molten forms and speckled with precious stones, her jewellery is treasure.

Alison works from her rural Sussex based studio and has exhibited across the UK and internationally.