28 May–22 June 2022
Elemental acrylic paintings by Andrew Bird with stunning seaglass jewellery from Gina Cowen

Andrew Bird
Andrew Bird studied at Bradford College of Art where he gained a BA in Fine Art. Based in the Derbyshire Dales, the basis for his work is the landscape and the coastal areas of the UK. Whether it is an upland moor, old workings being slowly reclaimed by the landscape, field systems, the weather, light, a rugged coastline or a busy harbour, Andrew's work is informed mainly by just being in a place. Paintings become a composite of many of these elements. Andrew's work is shown in galleries nationwide.

Gina Cowen
Gina Cowen came to make sea glass jewellery after wide travels and a varied career that has included publishing, music management and journalism. Born in Cape Town in 1957, she moved to England via the States, was brought up in Oxford, read English at Cambridge, then worked and travelled in Africa and India. Gina specialises in jewellery from sea-glass because of the beauty in these simple, tide-tossed luminous pebbles of colour. Her earliest pieces were inspired by glass picked up on a small stretch of shingle near Cape Town.

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