14 July–10 August 2024
Showcase of new work by Ulli Kaiser, Guy Royle, and Jessica Briggs

Ulli Kaiser
Ulli creates stunningly beautiful contemporary jewellery with her interest in different creative techniques, a rich array of colours and material diversity. Linking all her works is the hardly known technique of bead-crochet, where hundreds of beads, such as seed pearls, shells, antique facet-cut glass beads or tiny gemstones are strung and crocheted with.

Guy Royle
Guy is renowned for his big bold contemporary jewellery, using beaten and etched silver and 18ct yellow gold set with semi precious stones. His work is exquisitely crafted, and carries echoes of adornments made by primitive man.

Jessica Briggs
Jessica creates ranges of work, which owe much to her previous career as a surface print designer. Silver sheet is textured, patterned and fused with lustrous gold foil, using an ancient Korean technique called keumboo.

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