Tony Scrivener was born in London in 1944. He moved to Dorset in 1970 and studied Art at Bournemouth and Poole College of Art. He gained a first-class BA (Hons) degree from the OU and has painted professionally since 1992. Tonys' paintings have been exhibited extensively throughout the UK, including regular selection for the Royal Academy Summer Show.

His distinctive paintings comprise principally landscapes and still life. Drawing plays a key role in the development of his work, with line playing a key role in his paintings, delineating and separating space of both object and composition. His methodology is one of constant change until the tensions of the composition are right - a process which manifests itself in surface texture, residual colour and marks that give the painting its depth.

'The experience of painting landscapes informs the way I approach still life painting and vice versa. Working in both genres enables me to explore scale - a bottle can look monumental whilst a field can be compressed in to a single stroke. I strive for simplification, reducing a composition to its essential characteristics.'

Nigel Lambert is a potter whose slip-decorated wood-fired earthenware has earned him international recognition. he has exhibited widely in England and Europe, and was elected a fellow of the Craft Potters association in 1990. His thrown and altered pots combine bold contemporary shapes, with his unique style of decoration and strong sense of function.

'I work in an old chicken shed at the bottom of the garden, I throw and hand build pots in earthenware clay, slip them, then glaze them and then decorate with bold abstract marks in cobalt blue and fire with wood in a 80cuft kiln.'

Nigel's wide range of interests, from the work of traditional French and Spanish peasant potters to the abstract painters of the 20th century cornwall, influence the contemporary functionality and decoration of his work.

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