Robin Welch at 80

Now celebrating his eightieth birthday, Robin Welch is one of the most highly respected contemporary British potters. The full range of his work includes large vessels with related paintings, fine drawings, and distinctive bowls and vases which explore colour, surface texture, form, detail of edge, and line.

As a student Robin experienced and absorbed wide ranging movements in ceramics, from the discipline of the Leach Pottery to the freedom promoted by the Central School in London. His current work is committed to the making of one-off pots which are thrown with further thrown or hand built sections joined on. A white slip is applied prior to the biscuit firing, and followed by ltiple firings for stoneware glazes, earthenware glazes, enamels, raku, and lustres. Following many visits to Australia, the landscape of the outback provides inspiration for much of his recent work.

Robin's career as a potter spans over five decades with many exhibitions and forms of recognition including important awards and commissions.

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I have always loved Robin's work, and have two early pieces which I treasure! I shall certainly be there on Sat. 16th April, and hope to meet the artist.Pippa King

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