Tony Foster studied painting at St.Albans and Ravensbourne Schools of Art. He now lives on the north Norfolk coast and his recent work explores the possibilities of interpreting his feelings for the area without attempting a literal representation. Tony works with acrylic paint and collage to build layers of texture and colour.

Keith Roper studied painting and graphic design at the Lincolnshire College of Art and Design. Keith has exhibited with the Lincolnshire Artists' Society since 1966. Roper paints predominantly in pastel but also uses acrylic, oil and watercolour. His paintings are mainly landscapes from Norfolk, Lincolnshire, and the Fens around Ely.

Tony Scrivener studied Art at Bournemouth and Poole College of Art. He then gained a first-class BA (Hons) degree from the OU and has painted professionally since 1992. His distinctive paintings comprise principally landscapes and still life. Drawing is important in the development of his work, with line playing a key role in his paintings, delineating and separating space of both object and composition.

Amanda Notarianni designs and makes distinctive contemporary glass. Using traditional glass making techniques, she creates unique hand blown sculptural forms. Amanda enhances her sleek free blown pieces using skilful cold working processes such as cutting, carving and polishing to create surface patterns and textures, which hold light and magnify reflections.

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