Exhibition Opening: Saturday 8th October at 10:00am

None of the John Maltby sculptures in the exhibition will be pre-sold. All works will be for sale at the Gallery from 10:00am and will be made available for purchase on our website after 12:00am on 8th Ocober 2011. All purchases will be available for collection/shipping after the exhibition ends.

John Maltby is one of Britain's most respected and collected artists and has been working in clay for over 50 years.

Maltby originally trained in the Anglo-Oriental tradition but on reflection realized he had little identification and interest with the great ceramic traditions of China, Japan and the East and was more familiar and excited by Western Artists - Picasso, Klee, Moore & Nicholson and the primitive Wallis. His work has gone through several distinct stylistic periods taking him away from functional pots towards the making of more individual sculptural pieces.

The subject matter of much of John's work is inspired by the English tradition; our landscape and our weather, our myths and legends with figures of kings and queens and family groups appearing most often. 

"The figures themselves - mostly queens, kings and angels, seem to represent a pure and ideal world and radiate great dignity….They are imbued with a cautious love of life - This makes (Maltby's) art timeless, deeply human and at the same time comforting." Rudolf Strasser Collector

Angela Harding is a painter and printmaker with a delicate and intriguing style whose recurring inspiration is the flora and fauna of the British countryside. 

'No matter how many times my partner Mark and I visit North Norfolk I am always inspired to paint and draw. We often walk along the coastal path. Stiffkey, Morston and Holkham are favourite haunts where we both enjoy the openness, big skies and huge beaches. 

There is nowhere better than Norfolk, with its abundance of bird life and unique landscape, to explore this theme fully. I am not a twitcher but I enjoy the experience of watching and drawing birds more for the beauty of their form and poetic qualities rather than identifying particular species. The birds I paint and draw are set against soft greens and greys, slate blue and umber brown seascape, the birds may be curlews, red shank, oyster catcher or linnets and blackbirds, all bring a personality that seems to reflect the environment they inhabit'.

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