Elaine Cox, who studied at Saint Martins School of Art, is a painter and jeweller whose work is inspired by landscape. She has undertaken numerous commissions for clients including: Scottish Ballet, EMI Records and the BBC.
Elaine uses mixed media in her paintings. Avoiding conventional representation she creates multi-layered collages of richly textured surfaces which explore the effects of time, the elements and human activity upon the land to alter, reveal and transform.

Helen Terry creates abstract textile works using dye, mark-making and hand stitch.
She scrapes and paints layers of dye onto cloth and experiments with shibori processes to add layers of colours and marks. Helen then tears, folds, layers and stitches pieces of dyed cloth into a larger whole, exploring the way we interpret fragments and traces to create our own stories and meaning.
Helen has a BA Hons in Ancient & Medieval History from the University of London.

Stephanie Stow's work is gestural, very much about the physicality of painting and the reaction of one colour against another. Although her paintings are at first sight purely abstract, the natural world has a profound influence on her work and can be found within the shapes and patterns she uses. She sees plants, flowers and trees as colour, line and form, taking reality and fusing it with her own concept of the world.
Stephanie studied Art at the University of Hertfordshire & University College Suffolk.

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