Chris Prout was born in Wales and educated at Swansea school of art studying technical illustration and graphics. After twenty years working in various creative industries he committed himself to painting full time.

Chris paints bold expressive landscapes, seascapes and architecture, rich in colour, texture and representational or semi abstract in nature. Chris enjoys being out of doors, walking the gentle hills of the Midlands or the soaring coastal footpaths of Wales, Norfolk and beyond. These experienced impressions energise his imagination and frequently appear in his work. In essence he wishes his paintings to convey a sense of beauty, intrigue and place.

Rachel Wood is a potter who uses a combination of throwing and coiling stoneware clay.

"I make a range of stoneware vessels with heavily textured surfaces, swathed with layers of slip and glaze to create depth and mystery to the work. The marks from fingers, tools, and each making process have always been an intrinsic part of each pot's character. I want each pot to convey its own spirit and have a pulse and a heartbeat. I want the marks to reflect the journey of exploration and learning in each pot, just as a wrinkle or dimple depicts expression and character in a human face. The impulsive desire we all have to want to touch, and the inherent emotional need to be touched, underpins the technical, creative and emotional foundations of my work". 

Rachel worked as assistant to the renowned potter Robin Welch and also undertook a residency at Rufford Craft Centre. The impact of these experiences is reflected in the directness, urgency and confidence of her new work.

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Wonderful work and such a cohesive exhibition.Pam Miller

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