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Elaine Pamphilon paints in watercolour, collage, acrylic, and mixed media, employing bright, vibrant colour, in a confidently free, painterly style. She is inspired by interests ranging from music and literature to still life and landscape - particularly that around the fishing harbour and beaches of her studio in St Ives in Cornwall.

When I paint, I choose things I love; a wild cliff top walk with spectacular views, a gorgeous bunch of sweet smelling hedgerow flowers with some found objects, a glimpse of birds in my garden or cascades of greenfinches falling from the cherry tree, and wide open beaches that have their own mood and colour depending on the time of day. And of course I can make up my colours depending on how I'm feeling being in that place. That's the fun side of being a painter" you can do anything‚Ķanything you want. I like to put in an unexpected colour, line or object, mainly to please me, but also I think to make the viewer curious. And I do love humour in my work too. If I can make someone smile, that's great!

Elaine Pamphilon 2005


Four paintings commissioned for the foyer of Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge

Recent Exhibitions include

Bircham Gallery Norfolk

Sanderson, George & Peach, N Yorkshire

Ainscough Contemporary Art, London

Godfrey & Watt, Harrogate.

Panter & Hall, Mayfair, London

Badcocks Gallery, Newlyn, Cornwall

The Lennox Gallery, London

Bircham Gallery, Norfolk

Art as Furnishing, 'interhome' Exhibition, Birmingham

Juliet Gould Gallery, Mevagissey, Cornwall

Piers Feetham Gallery, London

Thompsons Gallery, London

Craft in the Bay, Cardiff

View all work by Elaine Pamphilon