Sophie Knight Biography

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Sophie Knight R.W.S was born in London in 1965. She studied at Camberwell School of Art and The Royal Academy Schools.

Sophie mainly works in situ, directly from the landscape/cityscape. She also produces larger scale works, in a more reflective manner, in her studio in London.

Sophie works very physically, often in awkward locations such as perched on the edge of a waterfall or surrounded by commuters at a station. This experience and the struggle to record the ever-changing light, colour and weather of her subject all becomes an integral part of its final appearance.

Working quickly, Sophie drenches the paper with water and pigment keeping the composition constantly on the move, pushing the paint around until she is happy with the final image. Her paintings are an amalgamation of experiences. The noise, smell and visual impact of the city and landscape all transmit themselves through the energetic marks and texture she creates while working.

Sophie is an elected member of the Royal Watercolour Society and has shown in many

group and solo exhibitions. Her work can be found in private and public collections including The House of Lords, The British Museum: the RWS Permanent Collection and TSB Bank Korn/Ferry International.

View all work by Sophie Knight