Light Unlocked
Kevin Crossley-Holland


"This is one of the most delightful anthologies to be published in years. It's beautifully illustrated and the peoms..echo..with charm and sheer joy."
Sir Trevor McDonald

This sparkling anthology consists of poems sent by
their authors, many of them well-known contemporary
writers, as Christmas cards. It begins with Advent and
ends with songs at the year's turning and Epiphany.
While a good number of the poems attend to the nativity, others encompass the natural world (plants, animals, and a whole parliament of fowls), weather and time's passing, religious and secular celebrations at home and abroad, and historical and topical events. Rowan Williams celebrates Christ's coming, Wendy Cope welcomes 'the Christmas life into the house', Seamus Heaney remembers holly-gathering, Gillian Clarke cradles a newborn lamb, Edwin Morgan tabulates a computer's Christmas card.

Here are eighty poems which together sound a
whole variety of notes - hopeful, cautionary, joyous, full of wonder.

Light Unlocked is illustrated by John Lawrence,
one of the country's best loved illustrators.

96 Pages.
22.5cm high x 14.5 cm wide.

Medium Hardback
Size 22.5 x 14.5 cm
Edition n/a
Framing n/a
Reference KCNIS001 (AOW)
VAT Included where applicable

Kevin Crossley-Holland


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