Jonathan Christie's paintings are inspired by the land, sea, buildings, paths, harbours, skies, hills, walls, colours, rivers, stones, textures and light of, most notably, Suffolk, Pembrokeshire, Tuscany, Cornwall, and his home county of Sussex. His work is concerned with memory and Spirit of Place, mixing location and architecture with moments in time and personal objects. His paintings often move through a process of constant change and development, where the physical and interpersonal aspects overlap and overlay. This applying and removing of ideas and paint creates a "history" that implies more than just a single, specific point in time, rather evoking a personal Genius Loci.


Jonathan has written a monograph on the 19th century folk artist George Smart. "George Smart, The Tailor of Frant: Artist in Cloth & Velvet Figures" was published by Unicorn Press in 2016.