Claire Palastanga studied at Kent Institute of Art & Design where she gained a B.A. (Hons) in Ceramics. While a student and for a short time afterwards she enjoyed work experience with Lisa Hammond, Kate Malone and Peter Beard. Claire's studio is based in Tunbridge Wells and she sells her work through various outlets in Britain and New York.


The inspiration for her dramatic ceramic work comes from the rich and varied range of colours, surfaces and sculptural forms found in botanical life forms, particularly in exotic plants. Her most recent sculptures are inspired by Horse Chestnuts; both the contrast between the mass of vicious spikes on the outside and the rich, luscious and velvety interior and the way that the forms appear to float above the ground, almost dancing in the air. Claire manages to capture the essence of these forms in her interpretive abstract pieces.

Exhibitions include: 

'Contemporary Connections' - Maidstone County Museum Gallery

South East Open Studios

'Network AD Exhibition' - Candid Art Gallery

South East Open Studios

New Chatham Arts Centre

E.Y.A 03 Exhibition - The Fort, Birmingham

Cranbrook Library Showcase , Cranbrook

Trinity Arts Festival, Tunbridge Wells

'New Designers' - Business Design Centre, London

Kent Institute of Art & Design, Rochester, Kent