Abdo Nagi (1941-2001) was born in North Yemen, son of a farmer & locksmith. His early years were spent in the mountains, watching over his father's goats. Here he developed a great interest in the shapes and textures and colours of rocks and pebbles- an interest which, together with his ethnic background, still forms a significant influence on his work.

Abdo Nagi image

At the age of 12, he left home, making his way to Aden. In 1967 he came to Britain where he received his art education, including a degree (BA Hons) at Middlesex Polytechnic. Nagi's work is in the collections of the Contemporary Art Society and North Hertfordshire District Council, as well as by many private collectors.

References have appeared in Ceramic Review, The Independent, The International Herald & Tribune, Arts Review Yearbook, The Sunday Times, and Arts & the Islamic World.